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Robert Wenslow (Crystal Pharmatech, USA)

Opening Remarks:

Andrew D. Hamilton (President, NYU)

Title: “Joel Bernstein - Mentor, Educator, Friend and Genius: A Great Scientist For All Seasons and Reasons”

Bruce Foxman

(Brandeis University, USA)

Title: “The Man who Inspired Many of Us”

Pance Naumov

(New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

Title: “Why do bonds form?”

Noam Bernstein

(Nekuda DM, Israel)

Closing Remarks:

Bart Kahr


Robert Wenslow

(Crystal Pharmatech, USA)

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Title: “Mr. Bernstein and Me: Reflections and Scattered Observations”

Craig Eckhardt

(University of Nebraska, USA)

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Title: “Facts and Fictions about Polymorphism”

Susan Reutzel-Edens

(Eli Lilly, USA)