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Pre-formulation Study Package

A comprehensive pre-formulation study is an important premise for the development of formulation and process. It provides an important basis for the druggability evaluation of the compound, route of administration and dosage form selection, formulation and process design, and the quality control of the drug product. It is a solid foundation for the development of safe, effective, and quality-controllable medicines.

Relying on the top-notch instruments and technical capabilities of Crystal Pharmatech in the field of solid form screening and solid-state characterization, and based on the in-depth understanding of Molecule-Material-Medicine, Crystal Pharmatech can provide customers with a full range of pre-formulation studies, including polymorph/salt/cocrystal screening and selection, solid-state characterization, physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties characterization of API, stability of API, compatibility study of API and excipients, and development of non-clinical animal formulations.

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