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Crystal Pharmatech, established in 2010, is a global company with approximately 250 employees and three R&D centers located in Suzhou (China), New Jersey (USA), and Toronto (Canada). Our key differentiator is our integrated and specialized services, including API solid-state research, crystallization, preformulation, formulation development and manufacturing, clinical supply.

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Crystal Pharmatech's Mol2Med™ First-Time-Right approach guarantees a robust API form and a scalable manufacturing process, culminating in a First-Time-Right formulation for Phase I. Streamlining the transition to future clinical studies upon Phase I success, this innovative approach sets the foundation for optimized drug development and success beyond.
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Achieve Phase I Success with<br>Our Expertise
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Customer Testimonials

"The formulation team's work, including compound evaluation, process development,and dose strategy selection and precise control, was outstanding, providing us with a perfect solution.”

Los Angeles-Based Biotech

"It was great working with the Crystal Pharmatech team on this project – we were very impressed with the speed, responsiveness and high quality of the data, project updates, and final report. We definitely look forward to working with you again in the future!"

Leading Drug Discovery Company
Director, Preclinical Development

"For a small company, cost is always an issue, but so is the use of scarce materials from early stage programs. Crystal Pharmatech has so far delivered a huge amount of work at a very competitive price, and at the same time, has been parsimonious with the supply of materials sent (API, standards, etc.).  I look forward to working with you on our current and future projects."

Small Pharmaceutical Company
CMC Head

"It is a pleasure to work with Crystal Pharmatech. The quality of the data is outstanding, they have shown proactivity in investigating further an issue we had with a project, they always give suggestions on what should/could be the next step, without pushing. This is what a client looks for in a CRO, but rarely finds. The updates are sent regularly and the team is always very responsive when follow-up questions are asked. The final reports are very clear, instructive, and helpful for the project director in order to come to conclusion and/or plan next steps.

Communication is very effective, timely, concise, and to the point. When they don’t hear from us they gently send reminders, and that helps in busy times. It is very difficult to give suggestions on how to improve, when so far the collaboration has been greatly smooth. Keep it up! And thanks for your help with our projects."

Non-Profit Organization
Director, Medicinal Chemistry

"Thanks to the Crystal Pharmatech team for this comprehensive write-up of the formulation studies with our compound and the very diligent work in running the studies under a compressed timeframe."

Small Drug Discovery Company
Senior Formulation Consultant

"I had a great first experience with Crystal Pharmatech. Tasks were completed rapidly and completely, questions were answered rapidly and data was presented clearly. It was exactly what I had hoped for and more than I expected based on the pricing. I have paid more and received less from many other companies conducting this kind of work. I was very satisfied and look forward to working with Crystal Pharmatech in the future."

Mid-sized Pharmaceutical Company
Senior Associate Scientist

"I keep looking for the next opportunity as your team added a ton of value and I know they will do the same with anything else they would work on.

We implemented a modified version of the process your team developed and it worked perfectly. Thanks again for the quality work your team did on this project."

API Manufacturer
Associate Director Process Research & Development

"Overall quality is very good. We are satisfied with the data and report quality. Although the problem is usually complicated, your service does help on solving it."

Start-up Biotech Company
Extensive Experience & Proven Track Record
  • A leading expert in Solid- State Research, Pre-formulation, Formulation Development and Manufacturing.

  • Performed solid form screening and crystallization of over 2,000 drug molecules over 12 years for more than 1,000 clients.

  • Supported 8 out of the top 10 multinational pharmaceutical companies in the area of solid-state research, pre-formulation, formulation development and manufacturing.

  • Strong technical team with >20 years of experience of delivering 100+ early phase and 30+ commercialized products at global pharma.

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Extensive Experience & Proven Track Record
Innovative Technology
  • World's leading technology supports in-depth understanding of molecule properties and optimal design and development of API solid form and formulation that is tailored to every unique molecule.

  • Molecule-material-medicine (MMM) driven formulation strategy expertise in enabling formulation development.

  • Specialize in mini-tablet pediatric formulation

  • QbD-based versatile and strong agile manufacturing capability, one-stop shop from preclinical to commercial manufacturing.

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Innovative Technology
Practical and Tailored Solutions
  • Provide solutions based on solid science and quality data and guide clients to make the best decision for their precious molecules.

  • cGMP facility and QMS that met NMPA, FDA, and EMA regulatory requirements.

  • Bridge the gap between API and Formulation that de-risk your assets.

  • Integrated clinical formulation development process from bulk manufacturing to packaging and supply.

  • Accelerate your molecule development to the clinic.

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Practical and Tailored Solutions
Global Resources
  • R&D Center in USA, Canada, and China.

  • Leverage all business units within Crystal Pharmatech.

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Global Resources
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bd_global@crystalpharmatech.com +1-609-604-8303
Suite 500-B, 3000 Eastpark Blvd, Cranbury, New Jersey 08512, USA
6800 Kitimat Rd, Unit 1, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 5M1
Suite B4-101, Biobay, 218 Xinghu Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China, 215123
Suite 500-B, 3000 Eastpark Blvd, Cranbury, New Jersey 08512, USA
bd_global@crystalpharmatech.com +1-609-604-8303