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Absolute Structure Determination

Single crystal growth and structure determination technology are the main methods to determine the absolute configuration of drug molecules and identify the crystal forms absolutely. The single crystal culture and analysis technology firstly obtain high-quality crystals through a variety of experimental single crystal growth methods. The main single crystal growth methods include slow evaporation, gas-liquid infiltration, slow cooling and liquid surface diffusion. After the single crystal is obtained by growth, the single crystal structure and/or the absolute molecular configuration are analyzed after collecting data by single crystal X-ray diffraction or Micro ED. Crystal Pharmatech has completed the growth and analysis of hundreds of drug compound single crystals. Our technology has been proven to achieve a high probability of success of more than 90%, which is much higher than the industrial standard of 50%.

Crystal Pharmatech has two in-house state-of-art single-crystal diffractometers for most viable chemical systems as well as crystallographic partners for challenging systems. We also have access to National Synchrotron Light Source II–Brookhaven National Laboratory when the single crystals (e.g. 1-20 μm) are too small using standard X-ray diffraction. For microcrystals or even nanocrystals that are the size of 100 nm to 1 μm, we will then apply MicroED method to determine the crystal structure.

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