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Organizational Structure

According to the business nature and strategic positioning, Crystal Pharmatech adopts the Group and Business Unit System to operate to support different types of business segments and match the corresponding talent system and organizational structure accordingly. Each business unit has greater operating authority, and also implements independent accounting for the operating and financial performance.

According to the latest organizational structure, we set up various functional departments, business units and majority holding subsidiaries directly under the group, including:

  • Functional departments: Board Secretary Office, Finance Department, Human Resource Center, IT Department, Procurement Department, Engineering Department, Marketing Department, CEO's Office

  • Business Units: CRO Business Unit, CDMO Business Unit (Crystal Formulation Services, CFS), IP Business Unit (CRYS)

  • Majority holding subsidiary: Candoo Pharmatech

CRO Business Unit - China US

Crystal Pharmatech is a technology-driven contract research organization (CRO) that focuses on materials science and engineering for drug development. We partner with clients to ensure comprehensive solutions for their needs in solid-state research, crystallization process development, and pre-formulation studies. We guide clients in the discovery and selection of the optimal solid phase for drug development using all aspects of pre-formulation studies, including API process and formulation development, regulatory support and intellectual property protection.

Founded in 2010, Crystal Pharmatech has business relationship with over 800 global pharmaceutical companies. High quality services, a culture of confidentiality, and fast turnaround with the insight of scientific expertise in solid state area are our trademarks. As we continue to grow, Crystal Pharmatech will always keep customers our number one priority. We will also continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the field of solid-state chemistry so that our customers can reap the benefits of key discoveries in an ever-changing field.

CRO Business Unit can provide the customized services for:

l  Solid Form Services

n  Solid Form Screening and Selection

n  Amorphous Solid Dispersions

n  Absolute Structure Confirmation

n  Crystallization Development and Optimization

n  Chiral Separation by Crystallization

n  Solid State Characterization (FAST)

n  Solid-State NMR Analysis

n  In-Silico PBPK Modeling and Simulation

l  Pre-formulation Research

l  PK/ Efficacy /Tox Formulation Research

CDMO Business Unit (Crystal Formulation Services, CFS)

CDMO Business Unit (Crystal Formulation Services, CFS)

Crystal Formulation Services (CFS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Crystal Pharmatech, was founded in July 2021 at Suzhou Industry Park. CFS provides featured oral formulation development and manufacturing services for innovative drug products around the world.

As a formulation CDMO, our team has rich formulation development experiences over 100 NCEs (new chemical entity) from global pharma. We have the tracking record for the successful commercialization of 30+ drug products. Our basis is sound science and engineering with focusing on the interplay of composition design and process development. We believe in the MMM formulation development strategy, which empowers Molecule, Material and Medicine. Based on scientific excellence, we provide our clients the best formulation for clinical development, which is bioavailable, processable, robust, and stable. We dive deeply into oral formulation science and strive to become the first-class CDMO in this area.

Candoo Pharmatech

Candoo Pharmatech Company Inc. is a technology-driven biopharmaceutical company specializing in formulation and drug delivery solutions for small and large molecules. We focus on development of complex and high technical barrier drug products with a proven track record of success. We provide experienced, agile and flexible CRO services including formulation, analytical, dissolution, regulatory and toxicology evaluation for global pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of solid and liquid dosage forms.
IP Business Unit (CRYS)

IP Business Unit (CRYS)

IP business unit operates as CRYS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crystal Pharmatech. Taking the full advantages of its rich experience and innovative technology in material science, CRYS has established novel form screening platform, crystallization process development platform, Lipid Nano Particle (LNP) platform. CRYS has collaboratively work with nearly 20 leading companies for FTF generic drugs to commercialize of 20 novel polymorphs, supporting FTF ANDAs development of 8 drugs, which covers diseases with huge market demand, such as cancer, autoimmunity, cardio cerebrovascular, blood and nervous system.
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