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Crystal Pharmatech Triples Headquarters in Biobay, China, with More Floors and Labs

(Suzhou, China) July 16, 2013-Crystal Pharmatech, a leading contract research organization (CRO) which focuses on solid state information for active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations, has more than quadrupled since it was founded three years ago in 2010 by Dr. Alex Chen. To coincide with the company's third anniversary, Crystal Pharmatech re-located its offices to a new free-standing building to be able to have maximum control over the security of its research and to expand and improve its labs for cGMP compliance by the end of 2013.

"With the increase in IP concerns and for the security of our clients' property," explained Dr. Alex Chen, co-founder, Crystal Pharmatech, "we saw the need to be a leader not only in drug development research, but also in IP security measures. Additionally, we also want to foster stronger team building so our new offices are state-of-the-art with break-out rooms to engage employees and generate creativity."

"Our services are focused on the specialized field of solid state information for active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations," added Dr. Robert Wenslow, co-founder and VP Business Development, Crystal Pharmatech, "which means that we are totally dedicated to both fundamental and applied industrial science. Our clients' needs drive our growth and what we are seeing is a boon in crystallization development.  Companies realize that desired drug quality attributes can be economically obtained with high efficiency using well-designed and controlled crystallization processes."  To achieve this, Dr. Jian Wang, VP Crystallization Development, needed more lab space to better serve Crystal Pharmatech's clients and to implement its novel continuous crystallization platform, which, according to Dr. Wenslow, will revolutionize the manner in which drugs are developed.

A leader in a group of small CRO's, Crystal Pharmatech was founded less than three years ago on these principles by a group of scientists mostly from Merck.  Crystal Pharmatech provides "cradle to market" drug development needs.  Now that the company is taking on larger projects and clients, it has expanded to a new office and has also updated its website and introduced a comprehensive brochure of services, which can be downloaded at: http://crystalpharmatech.com/pdf/Crystal_Pharmatech_Brochure.pdf

Crystal Pharmatech, headquartered in Suzhou, China with a business office in Princeton, NJ, is a technology-driven CRO that offers materials research services for active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations used in the drug discovery process. As a preferred provider among innovator pharmaceutical companies from small to large, Crystal Pharmatech has extensive experience selecting the appropriate solid phase of a wide range of compounds. It provides its customers with data derived from experiments and also partners with clients to ensure comprehensive solutions for their research needs using solid-state research, crystallization process development based on sound scientific understanding.

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