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Crystal Pharmatech Introduces Customized Service Packages for Customers Seeking Materials Science Approaches in Drug Discovery and Development

SUZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Crystal Pharmatech, one of the first solid state, technology-driven research laboratories to open in China adopting a Western approach to business and R&D, announced that it will offer customized materials science development service packages in drug discovery and development. Using a collaborative business model between customers and CMO’s that is relatively new to the pharmaceutical industry, Crystal Pharmatech's revenues have grown by 100% since it was founded in 2010 by a team whose former experience at top drug makers includes development of 200 new chemical entities (NCE's) and inventorship on 40 polymorph patents. Crystal Pharmatech continues to grow its present network of 50 partnerships including some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Crystal Pharmatech's quick grasp of collaboration as the new paradigm in an industry whose business model is undergoing a dramatic shift means that it can market its formulation services services as an expert in research, chemistry, and innovation during all stages of drug development. According to Dr. Alex Chen, founder and CEO of Crystal Pharmatech, "We act as the materials research conduit for virtual and small to mid-size drug companies to determine the optimal path for delivering their compounds to animal tox studies or first in humans (FIH). Our unique matrix system minimizes kills due to formulatability, and provides fundamental material property evaluation of compounds for our customers."

Impacting pharmaceutical product quality, profitability and clinical efficiency are the hallmarks of Crystal Pharmatech's business model and services. For companies like Boston-based Agios, a leading drug developer for cancer metabolism research, and Amgen, a Fortune 500 biotechnology company that develops blockbuster medicines, Crystal Pharmatech integrates across all platforms in the specialized field of solid state pharmaceutics for APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and formulation.

In a relatively short time, Crystal Pharmatech has gained respect in the pharmaceutical industry as a preferred provider based on its founding principles and a skill set similar to one of the top five pharmaceutical companies.

"Collaboration encourages better monitoring of material property issues that hamper progress and planning in preclinical formulation development," explained Dr. Ann Newman, Crystal Pharmatech's Vice President Scientific Development. "Early development needs are different from those in late development, and we tailor our approach based on information from the client and our experience with a wide range of compounds. We utilize a unique workflow that treats each development compound uniquely and provides basic property understanding to increase the success of early development compounds and minimizes downstream issues. We help our clients connect the dots between form selection, API and formulation manufacturing, and clinical supplies." added Dr. Newman.

Crystal Pharmatech is a technology-driven clinical research organization (CRO) based in Suzhou, China, that offers services from solid state information to processing for active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations. Crystal Phamatech provides clients with data derived from experiments and partners with clients to ensure comprehensive solutions for their research needs based on sound scientific understanding.

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